inspiration reel : fur vests

What better way to keep yourself nice and cosy this autumn/winter than a fuzzy fur vest! Here are a few I love.

left : Globalize : Coloured Fur
left middle : J.Crew : Fiona Faux Fur Vest
right middle : Simply Vera Wang : Black Faux Fur Jacket Shrug Vest Top : ebay
right : Antik Batik : Hima Mongolian Shearling Vest : net-a-porter

My own vest of furryness will be created this weekend!


piece of lego

Add a block of colour with a simple yet cute Lego ring. All you need is a ring fitting, glue gun and a sift through a kids toy box... sure they won't notice one piece missing right?

Need more? Check out the bright and colourful range by Chocolate Mint Crafts on etsy with earrings, necklaces and other brick goodies.


lined with lace

Time to pretty up those feet of yours with some lace and studs! I loved the models footwear as seen in the awesome aussie designer Collette Dinnigan Fashion Show in Paris. You too can be pretty with these sockettes from Red Stripe Clothing (only $9!) and heels from Style Tread.