covet list : knit bow ballerina slipper

Aren't these slippers by Papinelle Sleepwear just lovely? They look so warm and fuzzy! And just because they are labelled slippers, doesn't mean they should be confined to lounging around the house, these are too pretty not to be shown off! Sadly they were sold out in my size (sigh!), but will have to figure a way out to knit up some of my own perhaps.


lookalike : peacock feather necklace

I adore the beautiful colours of peacock feathers - take this gorgeous Peacock Feather Necklace on etsy, would happily pay the $35 they are asking for, but why wait to have it shipped all the way from the US when you can whip one up for around $10?

You'll need 5 peacock feathers, a nice sparkly chain and some jump rings. Cut the peacock feathers carefully, leaving only the eye of the feather. Pierce the stem of the feather with a large sewing needle and thread onto the jump ring. Then attach to your necklace. Done.

After I had finished, I realised I would probably would have prefered a finer chain. The one on etsy also had cute little silver feather charms inbetween the actual feathers, will be keeping my eye out for some of these too!


felt bow cuff

I've seen heaps of images floating around the web of these gorgeous bow cuffs made with leather/vinyl - so I decided to have a go with the very inexpensive but easily accessible felt square!


All you need is some felt, some fasteners and thread in a matching colour. Cut a strip of felt, long enough to wrap around your wrist and a smaller strip to form the bow strap. Pinch the felt in the middle, wrap around your strap and sew into place. Attach the fastener and snap around your wrist.

I do love the slick look of the leather ones (and will hunt a down some scrap leather eventually) but with felt at only 75c a sheet - you can have one in any colour you desire.