lookalike : peacock feather necklace

I adore the beautiful colours of peacock feathers - take this gorgeous Peacock Feather Necklace on etsy, would happily pay the $35 they are asking for, but why wait to have it shipped all the way from the US when you can whip one up for around $10?

You'll need 5 peacock feathers, a nice sparkly chain and some jump rings. Cut the peacock feathers carefully, leaving only the eye of the feather. Pierce the stem of the feather with a large sewing needle and thread onto the jump ring. Then attach to your necklace. Done.

After I had finished, I realised I would probably would have prefered a finer chain. The one on etsy also had cute little silver feather charms inbetween the actual feathers, will be keeping my eye out for some of these too!

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