spots and stripes and bunnies

A perfect distraction from all that chocolate is decking out your fingernails with easter inspired nail art!

Dotting your nails is an easy way to start trying out nail art - a great way to make your own dotting tool is with an eraser ended pencil and bobby pins or pin heads. The knobs on a bobby pin are the perfect size for dotting - just cut in half with some pliers and literally shove into the eraser end of a pencil. Then dip and dot away.

Here I have used:
Baby blue : Very, very old, the label has been worn off!
White : Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish
Mellow Yellow : Sally Hansen
Baby Pink : Revlon
Black : Kiss Nail Art

Dots : baby blue base, dotted with white - used the dotting tool I created (see above)
Stripes : white base, yellow stripes - luckily I have a very steady hand and just using the very edge of the brush, swiped some stripes. Otherwise you can mask off with some tape then paint.
Bunny : pink base, white bunny, black details - painted a circle for the bunny, two little strokes for the ears and a couple dots for eyes, nose and mouth.

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