vest of furryness

FOUND: one unloved black vest tucked away in the corner of my wardrobe... or pick one up from your local op shop (for the template). FOUND: one piece of multi-coloured fur - only $20 from Spotlight. TOGETHER: equal new fur vest. yes yes.

I checked out the seams on my vest and traced the sections onto some butchers paper (TIP: fold the back in half to get it even). I then cut this out and pinned on to the back of my fur. Cut the fur, being very, very careful only to cut the backing of the fur, not the actual fur itself - using only the tips of my fabric scissors worked best for me. Then tug the pieces apart so as not to lose any of your fur. Sew together all the bits - you may want to line it with satin or something similar depending on the fur's backing material. I did mine by hand as the fur was pretty thick. Didn't know how my sewing machine would cope with such furryness!

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